Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack Choosing Tips for Newbies

Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack

There are so many things you need to complete for your vehicle, especially your private car. You need to complete it with the equipment in order to make your car more functional and easy to use. One of the most important thing is the roof rack. If you have Jeep Wrangler, you will need to get the best Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack that will be suitable with your needs.

The car looks so masculine and will drive everyone’s eye on it. There are lots of people who adore the car, making your car to be one of a kind and will never be boring. Therefore, adding more accessories on it will be great.

Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack Functions

In order to find the best roof racks that will be suitable with your need, there are lots of things you have to consider. At first, you might ask yourself, what kind of roof racks that will suite your need? Will it be the ones that is suitable for bringing the bikes? Or the ones that can be multi functional? Those things should be considered so that when you choose them, it will be good for your driving needs.

Your Jeep Wrangler Roof Racks should also be good in equipping the things for your adventure needs. Just mention the kayak, bike, snowboards, cargo boxes, paddle boards and skis, can be mounted on the car.

Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack Features

This kind of car accessories is so good to be installed on your car’s roof. This is because it has good and versatile system. When you install this kind of racks on your car, you will also find the secured and stable cargo mounted on it. You will also have good access to doors and hatch or trunk with this Jeep Wrangler roof rack.

Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack Features
Rugged Ridge Sherpa Roof Rack

A good thing for you is when you go to the place that doesn’t have the small tunnel because the thing might not be fit to the size of tunnel.

Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack Price

Jeep Wrangler has many kinds of accessories, but this can be quite expensive, regarding to the model you choose to use on your car. The average price for this accessories is starting from $279.00 and it is quite good for the basic design.

Rugged Ridge Roof Rack 

But, if you want to get something fancier with better quality and features, you can get the LoD Offroad Jeep Wrangler roof rack that is also featured with the sliding, making it more attractive and functional. The price for this sophisticated baby is $1,594.95. The expensive price will not make you disappointed because it worth every penny.

Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack Notes

There are some notes you have to get to know. First, make sure that you know this kind of roof racks is not a kit of a car. This is a piece of accessories you can install on your car. This means, you will have huge opportunity in mixing and matching the vehicle model, making it more functional as you wished.

The Jeep Wrangler roof racks are high enough and thus you have to consider removing them from your car when you are not using them.

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Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Create Handmade Jeep Bikini Top

Jeep Bikini Top

If you have a Jeep and you want your Jeep have bikini top, you can make it by yourself. It will be exactly cheaper and you can arrange it as you want based on your creativity. Jeep bikini top is actually to protect the driver and passengers from the sunlight; therefore, it must exist in your Jeep.

However, you have to prepare some materials that are needed if you want to create your handmade bikini top for your Jeep. There will be some cheap and simple ways to stay out of the sun when driving your Jeep.

Materials and Equipments for Creating Jeep Bikini Top

Before you start creating Jeep bikini top, you have to get ready with all materials needed. Some materials you have to prepare are cage, black patio sun shade material, plastic grommets, fabric, hammer, sharp knife, and black parachute rope. You have to make sure that all the materials mentioned above have been prepared. Then, you can start to create your handmade bikini top for your Jeep.

Steps in Making Jeep Bikini Top

You can follow some steps below to make Jeep bikini top. It is really interesting and easy to make, so you have to be ready to follow step by step.

Jeep Bikini Top

Firstly, you have to decide the size of the fabric that you want to use. Thus, if you need a 40” x 60” cover you are going to fold, you need to allow 1.5” per side to be folded over. Therefore, 43” x 63” would be the size you need to cut out. Then, fold the edges over 1.5” as you install the grommets. The grommets are actually easy to install.

Secondly, to install the grommets, you have to place bottom half on hard surface, then, lay fabric over grommet half. After that, you have to place top half of grommet over the fabric and align hole with bottom half. You can use hammer to firmly tap top half of grommet onto bottom half. Then, you can also use sharp knife to cut the fabric out from the inside grommet hole. You have to space the grommets out 6” from center to center on the fabric.
Jeep Bikini Top

Lastly, after the fabric has been attached by the grommets, now is the time to install the fabric to your Jeep cage. Tie the fabric using black parachute rope to the cage of Jeep. After all the grommet holes have been tied, it means that Jeep bikini top has been ready to use. It will protect you from the sunlight when you drive your Jeep.

Additional Information

You can use any motive of fabric as you love to make your Jeep look so fascinating. Perhaps you can use the fabric which has cartoon figures or in any kind of color, so it will be more interesting.

Above all, creating Jeep bikini top by yourself will make you more satisfied since you can use your creativity to create it as interesting as you can. Besides, the money you spend to buy the materials is not as much as the money you spend to buy the ready used one. So, let’s make bikini top for your Jeep by yourself!

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Jeep Bikini Top

Jeep Half Doors: Great Friend for Your Summer

Jeep Half Doors
Are you looking for great car? Jeep half doors will be your great friend that can accompany your journey. If you have a plan to buy Jeep, it is better for you to buy Jeep that has half doors than Jeep that has full doors. The performance of Jeep which has half doors is really cool.

The half doors are truer to the outdoors lifestyle and it is much more fun to be used in warmer weather. For adventurer, this car will really support your hobby because it is designed to pass difficult tracks. You can choose this car as your friend to explore the beauty of nature especially in summer. There are some reviews about Jeep that has half doors. Perhaps it can be the consideration for everyone who wants to buy this Jeep.

Positive Things of Jeep Half Doors

There are some positive things that you will get if you buy Jeep half doors. The first good thing is this Jeep is really great for summer. If you drive it in the summer, it feels like you really get the feel of relaxed driving. It is like you do not feel closed in at all. Is it interesting, right? You will never feel how amazing summer atmosphere is if you do not drive this Jeep.

Jeep Half Doors

The second good thing of Jeep half doors is this Jeep is exactly much cooler. It seems more genuine to the purpose of the open air feeling of the Jeep as it was intended. Even though it is summer, this Jeep will not make you feel hot; however, it makes you get windy air.

Negative Things of Jeep Half Doors

There are also some negative things from Jeep half doors. Firstly, the plastic window of this Jeep is a pain to zip open and closed whenever you need to do so, as well as being noisier than a full door. Plastic will exactly result noise when it is hit by wind.

Secondly, if the window of this Jeep is opened because you want to enjoy the air, sometimes it will cause anything outside such as insects and garbage enter the Jeep.

Thirdly, this Jeep does not have a lot of room in the back. Therefore, you cannot carry much luggage since the space is limited. Fourthly, this Jeep gives a chance to the thief to break into the car. The thief will easily unzip the window or cut the plastic everywhere and every time.

Fifthly, the plastic windows can scratch easily. If it is unintentionally scratched and scratched more, the plastic will look lusterless. If you want to replace the plastic, you have to spend much money since the plastic for the window is expensive. Lastly, the canvas and the plastic of this Jeep have zero insulation. Thus, the cold air will come straight through. That is why this Jeep is great for summer.

All in all, Jeep half doors is the Jeep which is suitable to be used in summer. The design of this Jeep really supports you to enjoy your journey in summer with your family or friends.

Fabulous Jeep Soft Tops Accessories

Jeep Soft Tops
For Jeep owner, you can equip your Jeep with soft top. It will exactly make your Jeep cooler. However, you have to choose soft top accessories which have good quality. Here are the accessories of Jeep soft tops which you can use to make your Jeep fascinating.

Soft Top Storage Boot

Soft Top Storage Boot

This boot looks so fabulous with the exception of it being too narrow. The cut-outs for the rear posts do not line up at all. You can get it with $49.99.

Soft Top Windshield Retainer

Soft Top Windshield Retainer

This Jeep soft tops is good option for your new car. The price is appox. $8.99 and omix-ada soft top rear retainer bracket for with price $18.99. That’s legit!

Soft Top Spreader Bar

Soft Top Spreader Bar

It consists of rampage spreader replacement bars which have durable construction and easy installation with price $8.99 and rugged ridge replacement spreaders bars which can replace the worn out or broken factory spreader bars with price $12.99. See details here.

Soft Top Hardware Kit

Soft Top Hardware Kit

Its hardware made up of carbon steel and engineered thermoplastic. It works with full or half doors. It is so great because it has better quality components than the factory frames, also it has a sunroof feature. Its price is $408.99.

Soft Top Wind Screen

Soft top wind screen consists of two accessories. They are jeep backbone rear windshield with price $299.99 and westin wade top wind deflector with price $54.99.

Windshield Channel

Windshield Channel 

This Jeep soft tops accessory you will have after your Jeep already has supertop. The price of windshield channel is $16.99.

Soft Top Bow Bracket

This accessory is perfect for dual top models and it releases bow assembly easily from brackets. The price is $31.99.

Soft Top Bow

Soft Top Bow 

It can hold the tonneau cover up, force water to roll off cover rather than collecting in it, and prevent tonneau cover from flapping in the wind. Its price is $49.99.

Window Storage Bag

Window Storage Bag 

This accessory has function to store and protect the windows and the part above the door. It includes the foam padding that will protect the windows so it will not be scratched. The price of window storage bag is $59.99.

Soft Top Replacement Snap

This accessory consists of two products. They are bestop snap repair kit with price $14.99 and omix-ada soft top replacement snap with price $2.99.  Bestop snap repair kit includes all necessary buttons, studs, eyelets and screws meanwhile omix-ada soft top replacement snap is less complete than bestop.

Rugged Ridge Soft Top Disconnects

Rugged Ridge Soft Top Disconnects

This accessory has no drilling and tool disconnect. The price of this item is $58.99. This one is one of the best soft top for your Jeep.

Smittybilt Soft Top Storage Boot

Smittybilt Soft Top Storage Boot 

This Jeep soft tops accessory has function to protect soft top from sun when it is folded down. The price of this accessory is $49.99.

Bestop Windshield Channels

Before using bestop windshield channels, you have to install bestop bikini tops first. The price of bestop windshield channels is $16.99.   

All Jeep soft tops accessories that have been explained above are really fabulous. With the price that is equal with the quality of the accessories themselves, you will never regret. They will make your Jeep look great.

Various Fascinating Jeep Tops for Your Tremendous Jeep

Jeep Tops

The top of the Jeep is the thing that will be highly paid attention by Jeep owner. There are various Jeep tops that you can apply for your Jeep. However, it depends on your purpose. Actually, Jeep can be used for regular street driving or taken off the pavement for an off-roading adventure. Therefore, choosing the appropriate top for your Jeep is something important you have to do. Here are the various tops for Jeep which can be your consideration.

Jeep Soft Tops

Jeep Soft Tops

This kind of Jeep tops can be easily replaced or removed. This top enables you to open it up if the weather is friendly, so you can feel the outside atmosphere. Furthermore, this top also easy to install and customize than the hard top. This Jeep soft top comes with unique features like storage pocket, roll back sunroof, and interchangeable skin color and material. However, it has no full insulation, results noise because of the plastic hit by wind, and gets extremely cold when winter comes.     

Jeep Hard Tops

Jeep Hard Tops

In contrast with soft top, this hard top has very good insulation; hence, if you drive the Jeep with hard top, you will be protected from harsh climate condition such as snow and rain. This hard top is made of hard materials, so it will be exactly stronger and last longer than the soft top. However, the installation process of hard top is more difficult than soft top; also, it is hard to find the space for storing luggage.   

Jeep Bikini Tops

Jeep Bikini Tops

This kind of Jeep tops is designed for warmer climate. Bikini tops keep the cabin of the Jeep covered while the back is open. Jeep with bikini tops is perfect to be used in summer whether on road or off-road; therefore, it is also called as summer brief tops. On the other hand, Jeep with bikini tops is lack of storage place.

Jeep Dusters Tops

Jeep duster and windjammer tops

This dusters top is designed to protect the rear of your Jeep. Actually, dusters are not tops but they are cargo area covers. This kind of top is specifically built for warmer climate and it is often used by hunters, fishermen, and campers. Dusters can easily attach to the rear sport bars and prevent leakage into the cargo area. Furthermore, this Jeep enables you to store much luggage since the cargo is available.  

Jeep Windjammers Tops

This kind of Jeep tops is easily attached and removed using straps and buckles. It is made of light materials, so it is not made to resist harsh weather. This windjammer top helps you seal up the cabin when the weather turns bad. This top is easy to install and you only need to roll it up to give the passengers access to the back of the Jeep.

All kind of Jeep tops that have been explained above have the good sides and the bad sides. What you have to do is choose the appropriate one based on your purpose, so this Jeep with certain top will give you satisfaction when you drive it.

Jeep JK Half Doors Specification and Tips

Jeep JK Half Doors

Having Jeep JK can be a good thing for your need of off-road driving. In order to make the car to be more comfortable for your driving needs, you can exactly design and complete the car with good spare parts. One of them is the Jeep JK Half Doors.

The jeep cars are the ones which are designed for off-road driving, which means this kind of car can be found easily in off-road design, with open door and even the half doors. The cars are designed to be strong and durable for the off-road track which is not so smooth and steady. Therefore, you need to get more accessories for the car.

Jeep JK Half Doors Type

When you are in the need of best look in order to make your Jeep JK to be more attractive and also safe for your driving needs, you can improve the performance by choosing some accessories. One of them is the Jeep JK Half Doors that will be good for your performance. You can choose the products which are marketed online and making your best choice due to your own need of having completion of safety in your car. Therefore, you can choose the half doors if you need them to cover the doors in your Jeep JK. So, are you curious about the best choice for the car half doors? Here are some things you need to know.

Jeep JK Half Doors

Jeep JK Half Doors

The first thing that you need to know is about the types of the doors itself. Some cars are designed to be suitable when the doors and half doors are installed. Indeed, the half doors itself has many kinds of design, which can be used for your driving performance. In this case, the most popular Jeep JK Half Doors might the tubular doors. The doors are sturdy, strong and also designed in attractive look, making this as the best choice if you want to find best accessories for your car.

Jeep JK Half Doors Specification

There are some things you have to understand when you need to get the tubular door for the Jeep JK Half Doors. The best door, which is also specified as the 4x4 element door, can be found in some sophisticated specification. In this case, the half doors can save you from any elemental disturb when you drive. It also gives more protection for your car. Besides, the tubular doors will also look so stylish to be installed on your car. This is also made from best quality steel, making sure that you will obtain not only function but also durability.

Jeep JK Half Doors

Jeep JK Half Doors 

The fun thing about the door is that you can paint it to be suitable with your vehicle colors. The tubular doors will make your car more protected and you can also get custom design for it. There is also the fully enclosed doors that will give more protection in your driving needs. The price can be quite pricey, but it will be really worth it for you to have. By spending $179.32 for the Jeep JK Half Doors, you will obtain more than just a functional door, but also a good accessories to keep you in style. Read more on

Jeep Wrangler Doors for Extra Protection

Jeep Wrangler Doors

Who can resist the charm of strong Jeep Wrangler Doors? There are lots of Jeep owners that will give anything for having the door with good quality. In case of having the Jeep doors, there are also some types of the door you can consider having when you need a good thing to do with those off-road track.

If you can choose the best look for your door in Jeep Wrangler, what thing you want to get? Is it the uniqueness of the styles? Is it about durability of the doors? You can choose both of them in a product, if only you know how to find them.

Jeep Wrangler Doors Types

Completing your jeep with best door will make it more durable and also good for your driving experience. When it comes to you to choose the door, you can find that choosing the Jeep Wrangler doors is not as easy as it seems.

Jeep Wrangler Doors

Jeep Wrangler Doors 

Some models will look beautiful and attractive, while the other models will be quite strong without being too much designed by the producer. But, you can choose them that will suit your need. The Jeep Wrangler Doors can be chosen based on your need. Don’t hesitate choosing the best from the popular brands.
The most common door for Jeep Wrangler is the tubular doors.

The doors are simple, easy to use and more affordable for your needs. You can also find it easily in many shops that sell the car accessories. There are also some unique design for Jeep Wrangler Doors, which is the half doors that will be suitable for every off-road track you are going to beat. There are lots of types you can choose, with lots of possible design that will suit your need of having safe, comfortable car with stylish door.

Jeep Wrangler Doors Specification and Price

The door for your Jeep Wrangler can be chosen just like what you need. Besides, the first thing you should consider is to determine the size of the doors. Will you choose the half doors for giving you more adventurous atmosphere or will you choose he full doors for the safe, more compact design in your car? Both consideration can be chosen if you want to improve the look of your Jeep Wrangler.

Jeep Wrangler Doors

The Jeep Wrangler doors are also made of many kinds of materials like fiberglass and diamond plate. The material can be chosen just as you wished.

Not only the door, but also the window that is usually embedded in the door can also be customized. Some manufacturers are using the glass windows for completing the design, while other manufacturers that emphasize in making lightweight doors will more focused in making the door with plastic windows. The choices are various and unique.

The doors can also be painted to suit your car’s color, making it one of a kind. The average door for Jeep Wrangler is quite affordable, which is more focused on the basic design. The modified Jeep Wrangler Doors can be priced at $177.51. Read more here for price list Jeep Wrangler 4 doors.

Jeep Rubicon for Sale: Review of Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock

What do you think about Jeep? Of course, the first think that come to many people's mind is that the sporty and rough car for off-road. Then, one of the cars of Jeep is Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock. For those who want to know about Jeep Rubicon for sale, indeed the first thing that all buyers must know is about its specification starting from the review, key features, high end features and the price of it. Thus, all of the things here can be found in the following paragraphs.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Review

For those who want to buy this Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the first thing that they can do is that reading the review. Here, the model of this Jeep car actually has the same concept with the common Jeep car that we find. It is designed in the platform in which the car uses hard material since it will be used for off-road. In this case, the best platform can help the car which always passes such a dirty, muddy or sandy road. For the overall look, you can see that the car will be so manly. The muscular and tough look will be found. It is shown by the bumper, grille and all the part of the exterior.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Meanwhile, inside the car, the Rubicon will be packed with premium features. All buyers here can find leather seats, steering wheel with black leather, quicksilver accents and also all-weather slush mats. Indeed, all of the features in this Jeep Rubicon for sale will attract many buyers since it looks sophisticated.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Key Features

After that, talking about the most interesting things in this Jeep Rubicon, there are some key features of it. Those are power done hood, U-look mechanical locker, rock-track and also premium send system. The key features here, of course it helps the Jeep Rubicon for sale to be greater.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon High-End Features

For more features, here are the high-end features that will make this vehicle to be more interesting. In this case, the car has used such a high technologies and it is shown by some features here. To begin with, there is leather-wrapped steering wheel. Indeed, it is a special part in the car which help it to have an exclusive touch.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock

The add of heated leather-trimmed in the front seat makes it more attractive. Besides, when it is combined with a quick silver accents, the interior of this Jeep Rubicon for sale will be so nice. After that, a U-connect Voice Command will make all driver to be easier in controlling the car. In the outside, the use of 17 inch aluminum wheels can handle all condition like dirty, sandy or muddy road. It is also will be nicer with an adaptable bumper.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Price

In Jeep Rubicon for sale, the most important thing here is the price of the car. Thus, for those who want to own this car, the price will be about $38,000. This price indeed is very suitable with all of the features explained above. More than about Jeep Rubicon accessories click here.

2016 Jeep Rubicon 4 Door Reviews

Jeep Rubicon 4 Door

In this recent day, you may can find various design of the car, can't you? Yes, there are various cars from various manufacturers. One of the cars which people need is Jeep Rubicon 4 Door. Maybe, for those who are not Jeep lovers, they will do not know well about this kind of car. Then, for you who does not well about the car, below is the review of it.

Jeep Rubicon 4 Door Review

As the name, this car is one of the cars created by Jeep manufacturers which it has known as the manufacturers of sporty car for off-road. Categorized as Wangler model, this vehicle actually becomes one of the best one in its category. It means that there are many features which are great from this Jeep.

It is starting from the powertrain, interior up to the exterior. Of course, all of those features come with the best design of it. That is the car which includes in Renegade variants here has some attractive designs.

Jeep Rubicon 4 Door Engine

For the powertrain, this Jeep car uses 2.8 L 4 cylinder diesel turbo injection engine. As it is known that the vehicle which needs a big power or strength like this Jeep, the use of the diesel engine will be more suitable rather than the gasoline engine. It is caused by the power produced by a diesel engine is higher. For the details, the engine can produce 130 kW for the power with 410 lb-ft of the torque.

Jeep Rubicon 4 Door Engine

Moreover, the drivetrain itself, this car uses 6 speed manual transmission having final drive ratio 3.21. After that, the fuel consumption of a diesel engine will be lower. In this case; the fuel consumption will be about 8.2 L per 100 km.

Jeep Rubicon 4 Door Interior and Exterior

For the interior itself, this car will has such a sporty but elegant touch inside. For those who are curious about the interior of the car, what you need to know is that the seats will use leather as the material, even for the steering wheel. Then, the sporty touch can be found in every part in interior, so that is why it can be the best experience for the driver and the passengers while they are inside. Added by several features like entertainment system, audio system and the safety system, the comfort will be found there.

Jeep Rubicon 4 Door Interior and Exterior

Jeep Rubicon 4 Door Interior and Exterior

When we are talking about the exterior, you can find that such a rough design. The concept of the car as a sporty off-road vehicle makes the manufacturer then designs it with manly look. The rough and strong look can be found here. The best material of the platform in the exterior like in its door also helps the car to be greater. Meanwhile, the added of the headlights, taillights or even the fog lights have made this vehicle very interesting to be owned.

Jeep Rubicon 4 Door Price

Last, for the price of the car itself will be no more than $25,000. This price of 2016 Jeep Rubicon 4 Door car indeed will be suitable with all of the specs on the car.