Installing Jeep Wrangler 2 Door Hardtop

Jeep Wrangler 2 Door Hardtop
When spring and summer are right around the corner, we know that our Jeep lovers will riding their superb Jeep with the top down. But when rainy season or long highway drive come up, we are sure that they will want to be protected from the rain so they will install their jeep wrangler 2 door hardtop or their jeep wrangler 4 door hardtop depends on what they have.

Many Jeep lovers purchase hardtop because hardtop is quieter than soft top, believe me. And it allow them to put a rack and crossbars on the top of storage. So you can bring skis, boards, woods or ladders on the top of the storage. And do you know that hardtop has higher re-sale value? With this reasons, many people purchase the hardtop because it is way worth more than soft top. But sometimes they don’t know how to install this valuable thing.

So here we are again with some tips for Jeep lovers on how to install Jeep wrangler 2 door hardtop. Yes, this article will talk about the 2 door hardtop, so if you have 2 doors on your Jeep make sure you read these steps to install the hard top.

How to install Jeep wrangler 2 door hardtop?

  1. Lift he hard top with a partner and place it on the wrangler’s roof. We have a tip for you, you can leave the rear door and you can open the window for better clearance
  2. Replace the rear window washer hose. If you don’t know how to replace it, push the rear window washer hose up until you hear a click. We will remind you that it’s not necessary to pinch up the grips on the connector
  3. Replace and reinstall the wiring harness by press the side tan and put it in a place. Then you lock the red locking tab and slide it sideways
  4. Using a 40 Torx head screwdriver to replace the 6 Torx screws (3 per side) inside the rear cargo area to protect the Jeep wrangler 2 door hardtop. A tip again for you: you can find 40 Torx head screwdriver in any auto part store.

How to install the front panels?

  1. First, install the right side panels. Make sure the locating pin is positioned properly in the hole on the side bar
  2. At the top of the windshield there is a header latch, close it
  3. On the overhead speaker bar assembly there is a rear fastener knob clockwise, place and turn it until secure
  4. After that turn the rear L-shaped lock above the shoulder belt anchor and turn the center L-shaped lock from the center of the roof panel.
You can repeat these steps above to install the left side panel. That’s our tips for you to install Jeep wrangler 2 door hard top. You can drive anywhere safely in this rainy season. As they say that driving a Jeep wrangler is an adventure itself. And we hope that you will enjoy your own adventure. See you in another post!

How to Remove the Jeep Wrangler Hard Top?

Imagine this: the sunlight rays brighten you day. The warmth of summer makes your day perfect and the sky is so clean and clear. Today’s weather is beyond perfect. And you want to take your Jeep to downtown. With a perfect weather like this you should remove your jeep wrangler hard top before going somewhere. Since this is your day off and you want to pick up a few things here and there while enjoy the outdoors with your lovely Jeep. Follow this step by step to remove your Jeep’s hard top.

Jeep Wrangler Hard Top 

Some instructions on how to remove Jeep wrangler hard top front panel:

  1. First, you have to remove the left panel first. No exceptions!
  2. Fold the sun visor and swing it away toward the window so it is out of the way
  3. The next step is turn the center L-shaped lock away from the center of the roof panel and turn the rear L-shaped lock which located above the shoulder belt anchorage.
  4. Turn the rear fastener knobs counterclockwise that located on the overhead speaker bass assembly and pull it out.
  5. Then open the header of the panel at the above of the windshield and push it until the panel latch is out to get rid the panel.
To remove the right panel, you can also follow these steps above.

Jeep wrangler hard top removal

To take off the hard top, make sure that you’ve completed those steps above front and right panel removal. And here’s the steps
  1. Open all of the doors
  2. For four doors model, you should use #40 Torx head driver first to remove 2 Torx head screw that protect the hard top near the top of the door
  3. Next remove the 6 Torx head screws that protect the hard top of the Jeep along with the interior body side
  4. Inside the corner of the Jeep there is a wiring harness on top left rear, locate it first
  5. After you locate the wiring, you should disconnect the wiring harness from the hard top. If you find trouble to disconnect it you can slide the red plastic tab up and press the tab on the side of the connector, and pull it to disconnect.
  6. Disconnect the rear window washer hose by pinch and pull the grips down
  7. Finally lift the rear swing gate and remove the Jeep wrangler hard top. Place it on a soft surface to avoid damage
After you follow all of those steps, now you are ready to show off your Jeep properly. But before removing your Jeep’s hard top, please do some research to your specific model’s instruction manual for complete details and some important safety information. Beside, don’t forget that you should be aware of how to clean and protect you Jeep wrangler hard top and window.

Because this will maintain its beauty and extend their functionality. Considering that a hard top for Jeep wrangler comes with an expensive price, make sure that you maintain the properties, because maintenance is indeed essential.